About Us

Umyup Finance is a reputable and credible bad credit car finance website that helps those who are in need of a car, but currently do not have the resources to get it. Through the lending companies we have partnered with, we have a variety of top quality second hand cars that answers your every need, with repayment terms that are as flexible and light as you want them to be. We want nothing but the best, consistent and reliable service for you, and that is what we always strive to work on.

We have been partnering with excellent and trustworthy lenders who do not need to look at your credit history to approve your application. All they need is the satisfaction of the minimum requirements they have set, and you can get that car you have always wanted. They also allow flexible repayment arrangements that you can heavily influence based on your needs and situation.

We want nothing but to make the whole process convenient for you. With our help, you can say goodbye to multiple car dealer visits, to lengthy meetings with financial providers, to repetitive and manual application forms, and to the long wait – only to be denied in the end. We are here to make everything as simple as possible because we know that you can make better use of your time with your job, your family, and yourself. We then, can take care of this side.

Umyup Finance operates by the values of compassion, fairness and credibility. Through these principles, we treat each and every customer with the same level of service that is excellent and dedicated. We are a company who understands your needs and knows that your past shouldn’t determine your future. We want to help you start all over so you are the one who shapes your future.