Is your car breaking down?

Is your car breaking down? Here are the most common problems

Whether it is a cold winter morning or a warm summer night, your car breaking down on you is never a fun experience. From having to calling out the recovery or towing service to shelling out money for expensive repairs, car breakdowns are always something every driver would rather do without.

Regular and high quality maintenance is still one of the best ways to minimize the risk of a car breakdown, as is an understanding of what the most common breakdown issues are. By taking preventive measures to protect your car from encountering these key issues, chances are your car will stay healthy and free from breakdowns over the coming years.

Faulty and empty batteries: 

One of the most common reason cars break down usually relates to an empty, flat or faultybattery. Usually, it can be attributed to terminals, faulty clamp connections or a loss of battery charge which may have been caused by using your car regularly for short, quick journeys and not charging the battery regularly.

Lost keys: 

The second most frequent breakdown issue results from the loss of transponder keys that combine a mechanical key withan encrypted electronic chip. If this type of key is lost, there is no easy and quick way to get back into your car – you will usually need to get a replacement from your authorised dealer or a Specialist Technician.

Fuel problems: 

Every year there is an estimated 150,000 motorists who put the wrong fuel into the car. This can lead to breakdowns and inevitable engine damage. Furthermore, breakdown recovery services are also seeing an increase in the number of callouts from motorists who ran out of fuel.

Alternator faults: 

If your battery is persistently problematic and your headlights are always dimming, then it is likely that your alternator is faulty. Besides driving the generator, belts may also operate the fan of the radiator.If you see the warning light flashing,this indicates a rise in the temperature of your car’s engine and you may need to stop and call recovery services as soon as possible.

Clutch cables: 

The fifth most common car breakdown issue is caused by clutch cables that can become weak over time from to high stress and abrasion. While most recovery services are usually able to make temporary repairs by the side of the road, you will definitely have to visit a garage to obtain a more permanent solution.