Why buying used cars is better

When it comes to the process of buying a car, many questions come to mind – what brand, model, build, colour, transmission, and many more considerations that potential buyers have to make. However, it is also a common question to ask if he or she is buying a new or used car. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in this article we will list down the pros of getting a quality, second hand car.


If we compare apples to apples, model to model, brand to brand – a used car is always less expensive than a new one. With a buyer’s original budget for a new car, he can opt for the used, yet better model using the extra money he or she would have saved.


Cars lose their value with each passing day and mile travelled, but the deepest decline happens immediately; some models lose up to 40 percent or more of their original value during the first year. But when it comes to a used car, there’s no more depreciation hit the moment you roll off the lot. There is also less mental depreciation, so there is no need to worry about the sustaining first parking-lot ding or that chipped paint on your bumper as chances are,your car’s last owner handled those before selling the car.


Of course, you obviously can’t get a used car to order. But maybe you want a model, a package, or even a specific wheel design that’s no longer available. The wider selection of used cars can add to the length of the search, but note that perfection and satisfaction rarely come easily.

Insurance Rates 

Similar to financing, your car’s insurance rates will be affected by its age, however used vehicles tend to be less expensive. A stint of doing pre-purchase research on your endmay just help you against insurance sticker shock, regardless of which vehicle you choose.