Quarterback Drills

I was talking with a Major college football recruiter and I asked him what they look for in a High School Quarterback. He stated 4 things! The first thing they look for in a quarterback is mental and physical toughness. The second thing they look for is the QB footwork. The third thing they look for is Vision. And lastly is the arm strength to make all of the quarterback throws. If a quarterback has those four of these abilities then you might just get a football scholarship!

A lot of mental toughness comes with football classroom work. One of the most underrated phases of quarterback training is in the football film room and the chalkboard. Most teams give the quarterback scouting reports that the coaches will review with them. Many teams after reviewing scouting reports have the quarterbacks write down the different passing plans. Such as the goal line package, the 2 minute offense package, the 3rd down package. the no huddle package if you have one, the first down passing package. From this list you will usually have 2-4 plays picked and reviewed.

So as you can see a Quarterback must spend some time learning how to read defenses! I see that there are now quarterback training websites that sell Quarterback How To Read Defenses DVDs. I strongly suggest any serious QB get them!

Quarterback footwork can be developed in many ways. Jumping rope, Jumping Benches and Boxes. Playing soccer, playing tennis, playing basketball, ladder drills, hurdle drills. Again there are some great low cost football training DVDs out there you can buy on the internet. Just searchufabetบนมือถือ quarterback training DVDs or football training DVDs.

Nest is vision, this is skill all great quarterbacks must have. You must be able to read defenses, find the open receiver and make the throw! The first part of reading defenses is identifying the pass coverage. Is it cover 2, cover 3, Man to man, Zone, or a combination type pass defense, or is a blitz coming? Again all QBs must put some time in the classroom study film and learning to read defenses!

Lastly, all quarterbacks at the higher levels have a strong enough arm to make all of the passing throws in a passing tree.